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Join the weighted sleep revolution

One restless night on the road, Melissa Bamberg reached for the arm of her sweatshirt to block the light. It was in that moment the concept for nodpod® was born.

Melissa set out to create a strap-free eye mask that could be used in any sleeping position. In an effort to eliminate the need for a head strap, Melissa filled the nodpod with weighted microbeads to keep the mask in place. During product testing, she realized how much people were enjoying the weight of the nodpod to help them relax and get to sleep. It was then that she discovered the phenomenon of Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation and how we can all benefit from it. This is simply the practice of applying gentle, constant pressure to your body, like a hug, to naturally help you to relax and get your best night’s sleep.

We promise the nodpod® will surprise you as much as it has surprised us, and provide the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.

Sleep well, live well, nodpod.