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3 Products That Get Your Sleep Schedule on Track

Posted by Melissa Bamberg on

It’s happened to all of us. For whatever reason, sometimes we just get a bad night sleep. We toss and turn and stare at the ceiling. When we finally wake up we feel tired, sluggish, and a little grumpy. But we shake it off. We have an extra cup of tea or coffee, and we power through the day knowing we’ll get a good night’s sleep that night. Sometimes though, we just can’t get our sleep schedule back on track. Keep reading for products like a new bed or the most comfortable sleep mask, that will help you get back in the Z’s.

White Noise

Sometimes getting a good night sleep is hindered by external interferences like loud neighbors, traffic noise, and, of course, the dreaded snoring partner. Many sleep deprived people are sensitive to noise. It’s happened to all of us. Just as you’re drifting off . . . boom, some noise interrupts you falling asleep and you have to start counting sheep all over again.

An ambient or white noise maker can be just what you need. Noise reducers can be purchased as stand alone items or even as apps for your smartphone. Regardless, ambient noise can soothe the mind and mask those pesky sonic interruptions that impact your ability to get a good night’s sleep.

A Place to Lay Your Head

Your mattress really does matter. It would be great if all we needed was the most comfortable sleep mask around to ensure sleep, but sometimes we need to invest more. After all, we spend more time in our bed than we do anywhere else in our homes, yet we rarely give them the thought and investment that they require. A good bed truly can affect not only the way we sleep, but the quality of sleep we get too.

Finding a good bed is really about two distinct things: pain and partners. First, our bodies need support and comfort when we’re sleeping. Determining which mattress style best suits your body takes time and consideration. You may need a soft or firm mattress to give you comfortable, pain free sleep.

When considering mattress options we often have to consider our sleep partners, as well. If your partner is a toss and turn sleeper, this movement can definitely impact your sleep, too. Some beds now offer adjustments for either side of the bed. This gives you and your partner the perfect sleeping environment to fall asleep and stay asleep, giving you both a comfortable, disturbance free sleep.

Sleep Mask

Our bodies are designed to sleep in the dark. However, the modern world has given us all sorts of electrical light stimulation that interrupts our natural sleep patterns. Smartphones, tablets, and computer screens wreak havoc on our internal clocks and disrupt our bodies sleep rhythm. You want the most comfortable sleep mask you can find.

base64dfa23fceb0166b62.pngA good sleep mask blocks out the digital light and visual distractions that keep us from sleep. A great sleep mask does more. A sleep mask from nodpod not only blocks light, it offers comfort. The dual side mask can keep you cool when you need it, or warm on those crisp nights.

Look Forward to Sleep

It’s filled with BPA free beads to provide comfort and just the right amount of weight. That’s because the nodpod isn’t just the most comfortable sleep mask around, it also helps you fall asleep quickly by facilitating the release of melatonin in your body.

If you're tired of being tired, consider using these three products to help you get your sleep schedule back on track.