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A Top Rated Sleep Mask Should Have These Components

Posted by Melissa Bamberg on

Everyone works better with a full night’s rest, but computers have changed everything. Artificial light from the screen hurts your sleep cycle, the internet extends the work day past 5pm, and sleep interruptions are a constant. This means that now more than ever, a top rated sleep mask is crucial for healthy, uninterrupted sleep. To get you started on your research, in this blog post we consider some key features of a quality sleep mask.

Quality Design

Before considering functionality, let’s talk form. In a sense, form and function are two sides of the same coin: design aesthetically communicates what function does. To us, that means a top rated sleep mask should look as comfortable as it feels. You feel excited whenever you see it or think about it; you can’t help but want a break from your day to put your mask on to nap or meditate.

Innovation & Equality

Quality design means equality. A top rated sleep mask should be one size fits all, not just have an elastic band or adjustable strap. It should conform to every kind of face. Unfortunately, there is a specific, outdated image in connected to the phrase “sleep mask.” We feel that the importance of innovation in revitalizing this image can’t be understated.

nodpodThe nodpod does away with the trappings of the conventional sleep mask, such as tight straps. Its innovative strapless design allows it to truly conform to any facial contour without anything getting in the way. And because it attaches to your pillow, not your head, it doesn’t compromise any aspect of your comfort.


A sleep mask shouldn’t be a one trick pony. What disrupts or discomforts your sleep isn’t always the same, and a top rated sleep mask should reflect this in form and function. For example, the nodpod uses different fabrics to provide a breathable, cooling sensation on one side, and a warmer sensation on the other side. It’s freezable, allowing the user to intensify the cooling sensation, whether for sleep or during a massage. The nodpod’s novel design means it’s not confined to one use—it can even serve as a pillow.

Even Pressure

Sleep masks block out light to aid the conversion of serotonin into melatonin, and they also imitate the feeling of sleep-heavy eyes. A top rated sleep mask evenly distributes pressure to make this heavy-eyed feeling more soothing and convincing. When the mask is bead-filled, the question of even distribution becomes even more critical. For example, a stitching line separates each scalloped pod of the nodpod, so its nontoxic, BPA-free beads never clump or escape.

Finding Your Solution

We hope this post helps you find a sleep mask to improve your night’s rest and soothe you. Consider how the nodpod can help.