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An Eye Covering Helps Ensure Eight Hour Sleep

Posted by Melissa Bamberg on

How a Simple Eye Covering Can Ensure Eight Hours of Sleep

Eight hours of sleep. Sometimes it seems more likely you’ll see a unicorn before you see eight hours of sleep. But the truth is, it’s totally attainable. Keep reading to see how something as simple as an eye covering can get you a great night’s sleep.

Not getting a good night’s rest can really mess up your day. It can impact your mood, energy, relationships, and even your career. When you do wake up rested, you’re ready to face the day. That’s because a good night’s sleep does so much more than give us energy.

It’s a Bright World

The modern world surely does seem a little brighter these days. Roadside billboards look like flashing movie screens. Plus, we do so much work on computers, and let’s not even start with how much we look at our phones. Digital and electronic lights bombard our overworked eyes.

Our brains need darkness to produce melatonin, the hormone that controls the night and day cycle that helps us fall asleep and wake up. The lights of the modern world interfere with our natural sleep rhythms. A good eye covering can give our tired eyes the rest and darkness they need to facilitate deep, restful sleep. Yes, even for eight hours.

A Body of Work

One of the reasons deep sleep is so important, is that’s when our bodies maintain themselves. They release growth hormones to repair muscles, ligaments, and even our skin. When we sleep, our mind consolidates the information it’s received throughout the day. In other words, our bodies and minds repair and rebuild themselves. So it’s true, a good night’s sleep really does do wonders. But how can an eye covering ensure eight hours of sleep?

Get Great Sleep

First, it has to be the right eye cover. Any cover can block out light, but a sleep mask from nodpod is so much more than just another eye cover. Some eye masks use elastic bands to keep the cover in place. This just adds stress and discomfort to a situation you’re trying to make more soothing.

The nodpod sleep mask rests gently across your eyes and contours to your face, so it will block out light and other distractions like any other eye covering while also providing absolute comfort, so you can fall asleep faster, and more deeply.

Beads, Beads, and More Beads

What’s more, the nodpod sleep mask is filled with tiny BPA free beads. These beads add gentle pressure that helps facilitate your body’s release of melatonin. They also give you the sensation of heavy, tired eyes, meaning that you can fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer.

Tired of being tired? Get a nodpod sleep mask and start getting the eight hours of deep, restful sleep you need.