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Eye Masks for Sleep: What Are My Choices and How Do I Choose

Posted by Melissa Bamberg on

nodpod sleep eyemask

Before you put down your hard-earned money for a new eye mask, you should consider the features available for different types. Doing some research now will ensure that you pick a product that’s best for you.

Beyond a Dapper Design

One of the first things to consider is the eye mask’s design. Comfort is key when choosing a mask. Does the mask have a strap? If so, how does it fit: over the head, around the chin? Also, is the strap too loose or too tight? A strap that is too loose will fall off and not be effective. A strap that’s too tight may cause discomfort and disrupt your sleep.

Strap material is also a consideration. Velcro straps may get caught in your hair. Buckle straps may penetrate your skin.

When consideringeye masks for sleep, look for a design that allows you to sleep as naturally as possible. For instance, the nodpod is an elongated sleep mask that conforms to the shape of your face and attaches to your pillowcase, not your head, allowing you a natural sleep while using a mask that will stay in place.

nodpod sleep eyemask

Under Pressure

Eye masks apply gentle pressure on your eyes to soothe and encourage sleep. This method is most effective when the pressure is evenly weighted.

A Tapestry of Options

A beautifully designed product can be fatally flawed if the fabric is wrong. Itchy fabrics or those that don’t breathe can keep you up instead of lulling you to sleep. If you have sensitive skin, fabric choice is especially important.

Eye masks for sleep should be made from cotton fabrics; these allow air to circulate and are also washable. Also, consider a fabric that is lightweight.

Turn Off the Lights

Of course, the most important feature of an eye mask is its ability to block light. Is the product effective? (That’s why you’re buying it after all!) Look for a company that offers a money-back guarantee. This gives you a chance to return the mask if it just isn’t right for you. It also indicates that a company stands by its product.

Getting an eye mask is a smart investment and will ensure a better, more restful sleep. It’s also a personal commitment to your health and wellbeing. Start your research on eye masks for sleep with thenodpod; its innovative design features are sure to impress.