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Eye Shades for Sleeping Help Fight Insomnia

Posted by Melissa Bamberg on

The Most Common Reasons for Sleep Deprivation: How Eye Shades for Sleeping Supplement Rest

Do you suffer from a lack of concentration, or have difficulty handling stress? You’re not alone. Individuals all throughout the United States deal with increased irritability and frustration due to the lack of sleep.

Adults are miss out on valuable hours of sleep over busy schedules and heavy workloads. In our chaotic society of deadlines and meetings, in can be hard to postpone assignments in exchange for more hours of sleep. However, there are several factors that can interfere with a decent amount of shut-eye. Even if you do get the recommend hours of sleep, you may still find yourself stressed and anxious throughout the rest of the day.

Many people aren’t sleeping in dark enough rooms, or spend too much time on a computer before falling asleep. There are quick fixes for these circumstances, such as implementing eye shades for sleeping or ignoring the iPhone in those last few minutes before bedtime. Regardless, it will help to better understand what can prevent you from achieving a good night’s sleep. Read below to learn the most common reasons of sleep deprivation.

  1. Alcohol

Many people are surprised to learn that alcohol can lead to disruptive sleep patterns. While a glass of wine or the occasional nightcap may make you feel sleepy, too many drinks will interfere with the rhythm of sleep. This is because alcohol tends to cause your blood sugar level to drop in the middle of the night, which can wake you up and make it harder to fall back asleep. To avoid this, simply limit the amount you drink in the hours before heading to bed.

  1. Anxiety and Depression

Our minds work hard to figure out to-do lists and navigate the next day’s schedule. We may ponder over past decisions, and stress about uncontrollable outcomes. Whatever the reason, feeling stress and anxiety can interfere with an evening of rest. This is where eye shades for sleeping can come in handy. The relaxing feel of pressure touch from the nodpod sleep mask induces relaxation, allowing your brain to put those pesky distractions to the side.

  1. Nighttime Disturbances

Disturbances can include everything from excessive lighting to loud noises to an uncomfortable pillow. Maybe you sleep in a location where you can hear the cars honking late at night. Do your best to minimize these distractions by purchasing quality mattresses, sheets, and pillows. A pair of eye shades for sleeping from nodpod will also help to block out any unwanted light. In addition, the eye shades come with reversible material so you can decide if you prefer a cooler or warmer material when it comes to getting your shut-eye.

If you experience sleep deprivation, consider adding an eye mask to your bedtime routine. The nodpod eye shades for sleeping encourage relaxation and block out excessive light, helping to increase the overall quality of your sleep behavior. For more information, visit our contact page, located here. We’re excited to help you begin your journey to better sleep.