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How Light Affects Your Sleep

Posted by Melissa Bamberg on

An overwhelming 50 percent of people have trouble sleeping each night. That means more than half of people wake up feeling tired and groggy each day.

A new advance from light bulb manufacturers may be able to solve this issue for millions of people. Anyone who enjoys reading in bed has been doing so by the light of a bulb emitting blue light wavelengths ─ causing the brain to wake up, instead of winding down for the night. However, an innovative new light bulb has been created to filter out nearly all of those pesky blue light wavelengths. This light bulb is ideal for bedtime reading, as it supports the production of melatonin and higher quality sleep.

Additionally, another bulb has been created that emits increased blue light waves for heightened alertness. You can expect to find a “smart bulb” on the market soon, which emits white light, sleep-enhancing light, as well as an energizing light. This innovative bulb is controlled by a three way switch that you adjust according to the time of day.

Who would have guessed that a light bulb could have such a strong impact on the quality of sleep you get each night? If you enjoy reading in bed, but have trouble falling asleep when you turn the lights off, it’s time to invest in one of these inventive bulbs.

Eye Masks for Sleeping Promote Restful Sleep

Falling asleep at night isn’t always easy ─ even when you’re feeling exhausted from a long day. If you’re tired of spending half the night tossing and turning, make a change by wearing eye masks for sleeping to bed.

While there’s a number of eye masks for sleeping on the market, the nodpod is by far the most effective. Keeping our mask close to your bedside is easy, as it seamlessly attaches to your pillow. Simply reach over and put it on when you need it. The nodpod is long enough to comfortably cover your eyes in any position, so you’re free to sleep any way that you feel comfortable.

Many eye masks for sleeping are difficult to keep on your eyes, as they have nothing to weigh them down. However, the nodpod is different as the mask contains tiny beads that flex and mold to match the contour of your face, gently keeping it in place.

Not getting a good night’s sleep can negatively impact many different aspects of your life, leaving you tired and unable to function properly. Stop living your life in a state of exhaustion and get the rest you need. Purchase the nodpod today and wake up tomorrow feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.