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How to Sleep to Expel Back Pain

Posted by Melissa Bamberg on

Do you often wake up tired and achy? If so, the reason you’re feeling this way may be very simple ─ you’re sleeping in the wrong position. While it may not seem like a very big deal, the position you choose to sleep in at night can play a big role in how you feel the next day.

Learn more about how the following positions can make you feel when you wake up:

  • On Your Side, with Your Legs Pulled Together: Touted as the absolute best sleeping position, placing the least amount of stress on the body. As a bonus, place a pillow between your legs for added comfort.
  • On Your Back: Noted as another great sleeping positions, as long as you straighten your legs and don’t use a pillow, as a pillow can force your head into an unnatural position.
  • On Your Side with One Leg Pulled Up: Said to be one of the worst positions to sleep in, as it twists and turns your pelvis and tightens your muscles all night long.
  • On Your Stomach: Lying on your stomach is said to be one of the worst positions to sleep in, as it compresses your lower back and twists your head and neck.

Sleep Well Tonight With Eye Covers

Spending most of the night tossing and turning is very frustrating. There’s nothing worse than lying in bed for hours trying unsuccessfully to get to sleep.

The nodpod was designed to make restless nights a thing of the past. Our sleeping mask is different from other eye covers, as a number of key elements work together to ensure you get the rest you need to wake up feeling ready to take on a new day. Enjoy innovative features including:

  • Pillow Attachment: The nodpod attaches to your pillow casing for the ultimate in light blocking convenience.
  • Innovative Scalloped Edge: Our patent-pending scalloped edge design contours to any face.
  • BPA Free Beads: The nodpod is gently weighted with BPA free beads to calm the body and mind.
  • Ultra Soft Material: One side cools with breathable cotton, while the other warms soft, comforting fabric.

We know it’s irritating when eye covers fall off in the middle of the night, causing you to wake up. That’s why we designed the nodpod with gently weighted beads, to ensure the sleeping mask says in place all night long.

If you’re looking for effective eye covers that help you get a good night’s rest, purchase the nodpod. Enjoy waking up feeling well rested and ready to conquer everything the day has in store for you, when you’ve enjoyed high-quality sleep the night before.