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Sleep Mask Helps Combat Daylight Savings Time Adjustments

Posted by Melissa Bamberg on

Daylights Savings Time and Your Sleep: Spring Forward Refreshed!

Daylight savings time is a great way to get more out of your day, as it gets dark later at night. When you have more bright sunny hours to enjoy each day, you’re able to feel more energized and stay outside later at night, instead of bunkering down inside early each night.

Five Ways to Get Adjusted to Daylight Savings Time

While daylight savings time offers a number of positive benefits, getting adjusted to the new time can take a toll on your sleep. Your sleep schedule can really suffer when it’s light outside later into the evening and dark when you’re trying to get out of bed in the morning.

Use these five tips to get acclimated to daylight savings time:

  1. Make a Cup of Chamomile Tea: Known to assist in fighting insomnia, drinking a nice warm cup of chamomile tea before bed can help you get to sleep faster.
  2. Draw a Hot Bath: Take a relaxing bubble bath an hour before bed to unwind after a long day. This helps to clear your mind, allowing you to fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.
  3. Read a Book: Staring at a bright computer screen before heading to bed won’t help you get to sleep any faster. Step away from your computer and curl up with a good book to relax before heading to bed.
  4. Resist the Urge to Nap: When getting adjusted to daylight savings time the only thing you want to do is nap, but you must resist the temptation. Napping will actually further disrupt your sleep schedule, making it even harder to get your much needed rest.
  5. Wear a Sleep Mask: Wearing a sleep mask helps to block out the light and bring you to a relaxing place, so you can get to sleep quickly.

Get to Sleep Easy with the nodpod Sleep Mask

There are a number of sleep masks on the market, but none are as effective as the nodpod. While the average sleep mask can block out some of the light disrupting your rest, they won’t give you the high-quality sleep you’ll enjoy while wearing the nodpod.

The nodpod offers better sleep at the edge of your pillow. Sleep interruptions happen to everyone, but now all you have to do is roll over and put on your eye covering. When all you have to do is reach to your side, there’s no need to even open your eyes. Going back to sleep is easy when you have a sleep mask to help you get your much needed rest.