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The Best Sleeping Eye Mask Help You Enjoy Better Sleep

Posted by Melissa Bamberg on

Avoid Sleepless Nights with the Best Sleeping Eye Mask

A lack of sleep affects individuals all throughout the United States. These sleepless nights are caused by many factors. Stress, nighttime disturbances, and busy schedules all contribute to shortened sleep patterns. Unfortunately, many individuals do not do anything to change their bedtime routines. Sleep is important, and if you’re missing out on well-deserved hours of shuteye, you may want to consider some changes.

Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation

So how do you know if you’re experiencing sleep deprivation? A few symptoms include:

  • Decreased Performance in the Workplace: Whether you’re a student or working nine-to-five, if you’re experiencing exhaustion while trying to complete assignments, you may be suffering from sleep deprivation. Without enough sleep, there is a decrease in awareness, leading to a lower chance of solid performance.
  • Stressed Relationships: When you aren’t getting enough sleep, you’ll likely act out on those you care about. If you’re fighting more with your friends, children, or significant other, you may want to examine your sleep habits.
  • Lack of Memory: A lack of sleep leads to daytime sleepiness, making it harder for you to focus and retain information.

Change Your Sleep Patterns for the Better

Luckily, you can make easy life changes to help increase the quality of your sleep. One big factor affecting healthy sleep is the surrounding environment. If your bedroom is full of excessive light and noise, or you sleep on an uncomfortable mattress, you’ll likely feel it the next morning. By simply making a few changes in your bedtime routine, you can start experiencing the high-quality level of sleep you deserve.

One method is to implement a sleep mask into your evening routine. To help individuals find more solid nights of shuteye, nodpod offers the best sleeping eye mask currently on the market. This eye mask isn’t your average pair of eyeshades; the eye mask from nodpod is proven to encourage relaxation and healthy sleep.

Nodpod Eyeshades Are the Best Sleeping Eye Mask Available

The sleeping eye mask from nodpod will change your life. It’s convenient, affordable, and great for night of deep sleep. The secret is in the beads. The nodpod mask is made up several pods, all filled polypropylene beads. This creates “pressure touch”, a sensation proven to be an important element of relaxation and quality sleep. The pods also come in a reversible material. One side of the pods provides a cooling sensation, and the other is warm. Regardless of your bedtime preference, you’re sure to find something that matches your needs.

In addition, the nodpod comes without straps. Simply attach the eye mask to your pillow, and use at your leisure. The nodpod also comes with a special pillowcase made up of 100% cotton. Prefer to use your own case? No problem. Simply attach the nodpod’s zippered closure onto your pillowcase and enjoy.

For more information on why the nodpod mask is the best sleeping eye mask, visit our FAQ page, located here. We’ll get you started on the road to a more restful night’s sleep.