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The Red Flags of Poor Sleeping Patterns

Posted by Melissa Bamberg on

We all suffer from the occasional bad night’s sleep. However, sometimes that one bad night can turn into many, becoming a pattern of poor sleep with a myriad of problems. Even though sleep comes naturally to us, just like with eating and exercising, we need to develop positive, healthy patterns to reap its full benefits.

At nodpod, we’re dedicated to your night’s sleep. Our nodpod night eye pillows are designed to help you develop good sleeping patterns so you can get the most out of your night’s sleep and wake rested, ready to face your day. Here are some of the red flags of poor sleeping patterns.

Poor Concentration

Sleep deprivation doesn’t just make us drowsy or grumpy, it actually impacts the way our brains work. When we have poor sleeping patterns and don’t get a good night’s rest, our cognitive functions suffer. Our ability to pay attention, concentrate, reason, and problem solve become impaired when we don’t get the sleep we need. Get the sleep you deserve with night eye pillows from nodpod.

What Was That?

When we sleep our brains do amazing things. Someresearch has shown that when we sleep our minds consolidate our memories. Basically, this means that when we sleep, our brains process and store information we acquire while we are awake. When we disrupt our sleeping patterns and get poor sleep, we also interrupt this complex and necessary process. Bad sleep therefore impacts our memory centers and makes us more forgetful. Strengthen your mind with night eye pillows from nodpod.

A Little Down

You know that feeling when you wake after a really good night’s sleep. You feel energized, positive, and ready to take on whatever the day throws at you. That’s because when we get good sleep we feel good, but that also means that when we get bad sleep we feel bad. A lack of sleep and poor sleeping patterns can lead to depression. In fact, people that suffer from lack of sleep or insomnia arethree times as likely to suffer from depression.

A Little Older

Bad sleep can even impact the way we look. After a bad night’s sleep our skin appears tired or puffy and we can get dark circles under our eyes. Over time, a pattern of poor sleep will prematurely age our skin. That’s because our body repairs itself during deep sleep. When we have positive sleep patterns, our bodies are able to enter prolonged deep sleep. During this sleep phase, our body releases growth hormones that repair and rejuvenate our cells and skin.

Get Great Sleep

Our sleeping patterns influence so much more than our level of tiredness. Sleep influences our cognitive abilities, our emotions and mood—even our physical appearance. If you’re having trouble developing good sleeping habits, or just an occasional aid to get good sleep, then you need night eye pillows from nodpod.

Our soft sleep mask is so much more than just another eye pillow. It is filled with comfort beads that help you fall asleep quickly and deeply. Turn your poor sleeping patterns around with nodpod.