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What is Sleep Paralysis and How to Deal with It

Posted by Melissa Bamberg on

Many people are afflicted with a scary condition known as sleep paralysis. These individuals wake up unable to move, and sometimes feel a presence hovering over them in the room.

Getting to the root of this matter helps those impacted with sleep paralysis better understand it, so they can feel more comfortable with what is happening in their body. This condition occurs when the brain and the body are not working together to create a normal sleep experience. Research has found that glycine and GABA, two brain chemicals, cause muscle paralysis.

Who is Impacted by Sleep Paralysis?

An estimated 5 to 60 percent of people experience sleep paralysis. Some experience it frequently, while others only deal with it once or twice in their lifetimes.

Some find it extremely disconcerting or even terrifying to be awake but unable to move. Sleep paralysis is often associated with hallucinations and the sensation of breathlessness. A study by researchers James Cheyne and Gordon Pennycook of the University of Waterloo in Canada revealed that people are most impacted when they believe supernatural causes are to blame for the paralysis, and that is when the hallucinations appear life-threatening.

The study concluded that people with analytical thinking styles were less likely to hold supernatural beliefs and therefore less deeply impacted by sleep paralysis. While the exact reason for this is unknown, researchers believe it could be that these people are much more likely to search for a scientific explanation for the issue.

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