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Your Eye Mask Isn’t Just for Sleeping

Posted by Melissa Bamberg on

Sometimes it’s hard to buy a product that seems to have one purpose. The dreaded unitasker, you think. What else can I do with it?

However, many of products have more uses than you realize. Take an eye mask. Have you ever considered just how versatile this can be? Sure, it’s first and foremost designed to ensure a great night’s sleep.

But have you ever thought to bring an eye mask on your next flight? If not, read on to learn why a travel eye mask can be your best friend on your next trip.

Why Bring an Eye Mask for Travel?

If you’ve traveled by plane, you have probably experienced a cabin full of sunlight while you’re trying to catch some sleep. Atravel eye mask is a great way to comfortably block light during plane, train, or even car trips. The nodpod, for instance, attaches to a pillow so you can block out light while also supporting your head and neck. Not only are your eyes protected from damaging rays, but you’ll be free of aches and pains once you reach your destination.

Blocking out light is also crucial when you do need to sleep on a plane or other means of transport. Travel often involves erratic schedules and long flight times, and an eye mask can be the crucial when you really need to nod off.

Once you reach your destination, a travel eye mask is perfect for hotels. Often bright with city light filtering through thin drapes, a hotel’s environment is very different from a traveler’s home. A travel eye mask can provide that light-free nighttime environment you need to be refreshed for a new day. Also, if you use an eye mask at home, bringing that same mask on your travels helps to create a consistent sleep environment, ensuring a soothing slumber.

For Your Health

They are great for those whose travels are often disrupted by common medical problems. For instance, they can curb the effects of motion sickness, since the mask will block the visual information that contributes to queasiness.Eye masks can be therapeutic, as well.

Eye masks also can be soothing for those who suffer from migraines. They are recommended by physicians as part of an emergency migraine kit for the estimated 30 million people who suffer from them. This is because migraine sufferers often experience great sensitivity to light. Those with migraines should also consider using an eye mask for sleep.Researchers at Missouri State University showed a link between sleep deprivation and migraines, with a lack of sleep increasing the levels of a protein associating with chronic pain.

Cooling eye masks can reduce the puffiness that often results from fatigue and jet lag. A warming mask can help relieve nasal congestion and sinus pain, since the heat and pressure of a warm mask opens the nasal passages.

Eye Mask: Don’t Leave Home Without It

So now you know just how versatile a travel eye mask can be. From curbing sleeplessness to combating migraines, a travel eye mask can ensure your time away from home is filled with fond memories. Before you book your next vacation or business trip, consider purchasing a versatile eye mask like the nodpod and travel in comfort and style. Now, that’s a must-have in the travel bag!