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Gentle Pressure = Better SleepTM


What is the difference between the nodpod Original eye pillow and the nodpod Travel eye pillow?

The nodpod Original eye pillow is designed to snap to edge of the specially designed nodpod pillowcase. The nodpod Travel eye pillow is designed for on-the-go comfort, and does not snap to a pillowcase. It has hollow end tabs that can wrap comfortably behind the back of your head, or you can use the pull through slit for upright comfort.

With the nodpod Original you get both an eye pillow and a pillowcase? What if I want to use my own pillowcase?

You can use your own pillowcase. The nodpod Original eye pillow is designed to snap to edge of the specially designed nodpod pillowcase. On the other side, there's a zipper closure which allows you to easily slide your pillowcase on over the nodpod pillowcase if you'd like.

I move around at night, will it stay in place? I notice it doesn’t have a strap to secure around my head.

The nodpod eye pillow’s tension-free design molds to the contours of your face and is designed to move as you move. It is long enough to accommodate any sleeping position on your pillow.

Can you tell me more about the benefits of gently weighted products?

Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation, famously pioneered by Dr. Temple Grandin, is known for its ability to calm and relax the central nervous system. It has been used in clinical practice for decades. It is very simply the practice of applying gentle, constant pressure to the body. Deep Pressure Touch is something we can all benefit from and is now available at the edge of your pillow or in a travel version.

What are the microbeads made of? Are they Safe?

Yes, very safe. Our microbeads are made of 100% Polyethylene plastic pellets. These pellets are non­toxic, BPA free and hypoallergenic. Polyethylene does not promote surface growth of bacteria, which is why it’s so widely used in medical equipment, children's stuffed animals and food containers.

Can I wash my nodpod in the washing machine?

Yes. Even though the nodpod eye pillow has double interlocking stitch and an internal mesh pouch which provides exceptional durability, we still ask that you wash and dry on the delicate setting.

Is it dryer safe?

Yes. The polyethylene pellets are able to withstand heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and most commercial dryers reach a peak temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit. However we do recommend using the delicate setting.

Can I microwave my nodpod eye pillow?

No. Although the polyethylene pellets are dryer safe and can withstand heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, it is not rated for the microwave.

Can I freeze my nodpod eye pillow?

Yes you can. One side of the nodpod is always cool on contact, no freezing required. However, if you would like to freeze it to make it colder you can.

Can my child use it?

We recommend the nodpod for those who are able to independently and correctly place and remove the nodpod themselves. Never use the nodpod, or any weighted product, on or near an infant or impaired person.

Does the nodpod eye pillow block light?

Yes. The microbeads mold to the contours of your face creating a custom, light blocking experience.

Can you tell me about your money back guarentee?

We proudly stand behind our products and If you are not in love with your nodpod™, no problem. Items purchased directly from our website are returnable within 30 days from purchase. The return will only be accepted if you have contacted us prior to sending it back as a return authorization is needed. Please email us at or call us toll free at 888.486.4224.

The shipping cost of a returned item is at your expense. We recommended that you use a method that allows you to track the package, as we are not responsible for items lost in transit.

Your return will be processed within 7-10 business days.

If you've purchased a nodpod™ from one of our authorized retailers, please contact the retailer for their return policy. We cannot accept returns for items purchased through a retailer.

For returns please use this address:

Inventors Row Inc.
4335 Pacific Street Suite A
Rocklin Ca 95677