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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers…

How do I wear my Nodpod upright?

On one end of the Nodpod, you will notice a slit that looks like a small hole. This is by design. If you want to wear your Nodpod upright, pull the other end through the hole. It will fan flat to allow for head resting comfort. See photos below.

For sleeping, how does the nodpod stay in place?

The nodpods weighted microbeads mold to the contours of your face and are designed to move with you. Its tension-free design is long enough to accommodate any sleeping position on your pillow.

Can you tell me more about the benefits of gently weighted products?

Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation, famously pioneered by Dr. Temple Grandin, is known for its ability to calm and relax the central nervous system and has been used in clinical practice for decades. It is very simply the practice of applying gentle, constant pressure to the body and is something from which we can all benefit Dr. Grandin describes Deep Touch Pressure as follows: “It is the type of surface pressure that is exerted in most types of touching, holding, stroking, or swaddling. Occupational Therapists have observed that very light touch alerts the central nervous system, but deep pressure is relaxing and calming.” (Grandin, 1992)

Can I wash my nodpod in the washing machine?

Yes. Please wash your nodpod on a delicate setting in a garment bag.

Is it dryer safe?

Yes, it is dryer safe. Please use a delicate setting in a garment bag. However, for the longevity of your nodpod, we do suggest air-drying.

Can I microwave my nodpod sleep mask?

No. The polyethylene pellets are not rated for the microwave.

Can I freeze my nodpod sleep mask?

For an extra cooling sensation, you can put your nodpod in the refrigerator or the freezer. For extra headache relief, try it this way!

How does the cool side and the warm side of the nodpod work?

One side of the nodpod is made of a soft, microfiber fleece that always feels warm and snuggly. The other side, made of 100% jersey cotton, offers a breathable, cooler sensation.

What are the microbeads in the nodpod made of? Are they safe?

Yes, very safe. Our microbeads are made of 100% round, polyethylene plastic pellets. These beads are non­toxic, BPA free and hypoallergenic. Polyethylene does not promote surface growth of bacteria, which is why it’s so widely used in medical equipment, children's stuffed animals and food containers.

Is nodpod scented?

No, the nodpod is scent-free.

Does the nodpod come in different weight options?

The nodpod was designed with the pressure-perfect amount of weight. If you would like your nodpod to feel heavier, one option is to fold it in half, which will double the weight over your face.

Can my child use it?

We recommend the nodpod for those 12 and older who are able to independently and correctly place and remove the nodpod themselves. Never use the nodpod, or any weighted product, on or near an infant or impaired person.

Does the nodpod sleep mask block light?

Yes. The microbeads mold to the contours of your face creating a custom, light blocking experience.

Can you tell me about your money back guarantee?

We proudly stand behind our products and If you are not in love with your nodpod, no problem. Items purchased directly from our website are returnable within 30 days from purchase. The return will only be accepted if you have contacted us prior to sending it back as a return authorization is needed. Please email us at or call us toll free at 888.486.4224.

The shipping cost of a returned item is at your expense. We recommended that you use a method that allows you to track the package, as we are not responsible for items lost in transit.

Your return will be processed within 7-10 business days.

If you've purchased a nodpod from one of our authorized retailers, please contact the retailer about their return policy. We cannot accept returns for items purchased through a retailer.

For returns please use this address:

Inventors Row Inc.
4335 Pacific Street Suite A
Rocklin Ca 95677