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Our Story

Melissa Bamberg, Founder, after a good night’s sleep with her nodpod.
One restless night while traveling, I reached for the arm of my sweatshirt to block the light. It was in that moment the concept for nodpod was born. I set out to create a strap-free eye mask that could be used in any sleeping position.

After hundreds of trials-and-errors, I had finally completed a design that worked. I was so excited to start product testing, not realizing that my greatest discovery had yet to be made; the phenomenon of Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation (DTPS). Simply put, it’s how wonderfully your body responds to gentle, constant pressure.

During product testing I received overwhelming feedback from people saying that they were using it to relax, reduce their end of the day stress, and get to sleep. It was at this time I saw first hand how we could all benefit from the practice of applying gentle, constant pressure to our body.

We promise the nodpod will surprise you as much as it has surprised us, and be the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.