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Our Story

Hello! My name is Melissa Bamberg and I am the creator of the nodpod. I often get asked, "How did you come up with this idea?" Let me share with you the story of how my patented nodpod came to life.
Late one night on a cross- country motor home trip we pulled off the road to get some rest. It was everything I could do to get comfortable and block out the bright streetlights. I wrapped my favorite fuzzy sweatshirt around my pillow for comfort, yet still tossed and turned. I then reached for the arm of my sweatshirt and pulled it over my eyes—and realized I'd just discovered a great new product idea!
With years of research and product development, I perfected and patented this middle of the night idea. I learned a great deal about sleep science and in the process discovered the phenomenon of "deep pressure touch" and its untapped potential. Much more than just a convenient light blocking eye pillow, the nodpod promotes relaxation and a better night's sleep.
I'm very proud to offer a product unlike anything you've ever experienced, and
I'm sure you'll love your nodpod as much as I love mine!